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Qirina API

On May 22, 2011, we released an API to the Qirina database. This allows developers to check on the fly whether or not a website was analyzed by Qirina. The Qirina API can be used to check websites for language and spam.


Call the API via a standard HTTP request with domain value as the URL or domain name of the website being checked. Returned page will contain plain-text results in real-time. No analysis takes on the fly in response to the API call. If a site has been added but not yet analyzed, this status will be returned. As such the API responds swiftly, usually less than half a second, depending on server load.

Return Messages


The website is not indexed due to paucity of content, language, adults-only content, or spam (such as online gambling or online pharmacy).


The website has not yet been analyzed by Qirina because it hasn't yet been added to Qirina.


The website has been queued for processing but hasn't been analyzed yet. This doesn't happen when a website is added manually by a user. It only happens when a large batch of domains is added by an administrator (such as, say, domains registered in the month of December, 2010).


The website has been analyzed and no issues were detected.


The Qirina API is a work in progress. While it works pretty well almost all of the time, every now and then an adults-only site slips through. This is because the site will have no trigger keywords at all on the site, and no mandatory notice either. For example petlife.com is a good example (substitute "life" with "wife").

We are working on engineering such as backlinks analysis to catch these sites as well. In an ideal world there would be legislation requiring adults-only sites to identify themselves as such, easily and clearly and without ambiguity. For whatever reason, no such legislation exists.

Deploying the API

Use of the Qirina API is free. If you are interested in deploying the API on your project, get in touch. The API is best-suited to search engines or directories and other sites where a large number of domains or websites are handled making human checking difficult or impractical.


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